About Us


Our team of expert engineers, scientists, technologists, and technicians provide expert analysis for law firms electrical  consulting engineers, contractors, equipment owners, manufacturers, and electrical utilities as well as insurance companies, claims adjusters, and law firms.


Since 1970, Over 7000 files have been opened worlwide.



  We maintain the Following Corporate or Individual  Memberships,Association on Affiliations:


AAFS | American Academy of Forensic Sciences

ANSI | American National Standards Institute

ASTM | American Society of Testing Materials

CEA | Canadian Electrical Association

CFAA | Canadian Fire Alarm Association

CSFS | Canadian Society of Forensic Science

EDA | Electricity Distributors AssociationI

IAAI | International Association of Arson Investigation

IAE | International Association of Electrical Inspectors

IAFS | International Association of Forensic Sciences

IEEE | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.

IBFES | International Board of Forensic Engineering Sciences

NETA | InterNational Electrical Testing Association

NFPA | National Fire Protection Association

OEL | Ontario Electrical League

PEO | Professional Engineers of Ontario 

NAFE | National Association of Forensic Engineers

IFEP | Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology